World Most Expensive Shoulder Bag

$3.8 Million Mouawad Handbag
It is designed with eighteen carat gold with four thousand five hundred seventy diamonds, four thousand three hundred fifty-six colorless jewels, 105 yellow stones, 381.92 karats (light-weighted) and fifty-six pink ones I hope that all of women would like this handbag!

 $261,000 Chanel “Diamond Forever” Classic Bag
 Chanel “Diamond Forever” Classic Bag came into picture which is priced at $261,000. Only thirteen of these pricey Chanel bags were created with only five available stateside. The alligator-skin bags featured clasps set with 334 diamond (3.56 carats) in the shape of Chanel’s trademark double-C logo. Eighteen-karat white gold was used to fashion both the clasp and the bag’s long shoulder straps.

$4510 Chicane Hobo Nooni Handbag
Latest lifestyle include a fashionable handbag since it is most popular fashion accessories in the world-wide so guys, what you say, you are finding for latest shoulder bag in your partner then check out this luxury chicane hobo nooni handbag is comes with numerous talented design and few originality.

 £1 million  Extravagant
Made of platinum with over 2,000 glimmering diamonds. It is described as a versatile bag with many uses. You can use the diamond-beaded strap as a necklace or bracelet simply by detaching it from the bag. The bag is embellished with an 8-carat pear shaped shimmering diamond that can also be used as a separate accessory.

$120,000 Herm├Ęs Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag
Cream of the crop among status bags, the Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag is an elegant creation that graced the arms of most fashion icons. This stylish handbag is carefully designed with a white gold clasp elaborated with 10 carats of stunning diamonds.

Louis Vuitton At $52K
The most expensive purse in the world is the Tribute Patchwork Bag created by Vuitton, priced at $52K. This exclusive purse from their Spring Collection is a shoulder bag and is designed from fifteen other popular Vuitton bags, which have been creatively cut and patched to form this unique purse

 $150,000 Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag

This Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bag exhibits a different taste of fashion. Incorporated with what designers call “urban charms,” the bag is crafted with all sorts of urban rubbish you can find from shrimp tails, band aid, cigarette packets, tea bags to gums and used water bottle.

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