How to Display the Flag on 9/11

How to Display the Flag on 9/11
9/11 Flag Etiquette
September 11, 2001 was the fateful day in the United States where nearly 3,000 citizens were killed. Former President George W. Bush...

Flag Etiquette on Patriot Day
Each year on September 11, Americans observe Patriot Day to remember the lives of civilians and military personnel who lost their lives...

Flag Etiquette for Remembrance Day
Flag etiquette is a serious matter in Remembrance Day or Veterans Day observances as a way of honoring the sacrifices of soldiers...

Rules of Flying an American Flag at Half Mast
Ever since the 9/11 tragedy, patriotic Americans have increasingly flown their flags with pride. Some purists have become upset at the ignorance...

USA Flag Etiquette
Etiquette for the United States of America's flag is a tradition and a standard of respect for the symbol of the country....

How to Take Care of a Flag
Many countries have a flag code and the United States is no exception. The United States flag code prescribes specific etiquette to...

How to Retire an American Flag
We moved to Upstate, New York soon after 9-11. At that time, the community we moved to was a sea of red,...

Half Staff Flag Etiquette
The United States flag is the symbol of our living nation, and has a strict code of etiquette for its display. One...

The Proper Way to Display a Folded Flag
The one and only correct way to fold an American flag will leave it in a triangle form that shows only the...

Paging Etiquette
Paging, although not as popular as it once was before the advent of cell phones, is still a technological gadget in use...

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